Smallholder livelihoods and pro-poor development: The contribution of sustainability standards (Webinar)

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Published 21st October 2019 by ISEAL Alliance. Authored by ISEAL Alliance


What have we learned about the role of standards in supporting smallholder livelihoods? How can standards drive pro-poor outcomes? What innovations and collaborations are needed to increase the reach and impact of standards? Supporting smallholder livelihoods is a concern for many sustainability standards and supply chain initiatives. Over the last five years, ISEAL Alliance and its members have been working to understand standards’ contributions to and impacts on rural livelihoods and pro-poor development. As a result, we are in a better position to reflect on these vital questions. In this webinar, experts from ISEAL, and ISEAL members discuss what the research is telling us about the reach, contribution and impacts of standards on smallholder farmers and what this means for future innovations and partnerships.
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Evaluation of the early impacts of the Better Cotton Initiative on smallholder cotton producers in Kurnool District, India (Final evaluation report)

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Published 21st October 2019 by ISEAL Alliance. Authored by ISEAL Alliance

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