Evaluating the impact of sustainability standards on smallholders - Insights from three baseline studies

Descriptive information
Research briefing

Published 2017 by ISEAL Alliance. Authored by ISEAL Alliance


This report aims to collate insights from the three baseline studies commissioned under ISEAL Alliance DIPI project, which capture early impacts of certification on smallholder farmers. The focus is mainly on information and characteristics of farmers entering the standards system. The report sheds light on the conditions and contextual factors that play an important role in farmers' livelihoods and those that are barriers for improvement. Insights have confirmed that different market-led interventions are reaching small and vulnerable farmers. However, dependency of the households on the certified crop varies among the three studies and has limitations in improving livelihoods. Other limiting factors identified are prices, literacy, indebtedness albeit many of them are outside of the sphere of influence of standards systems.

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