Why Evidensia

Evidensia helps you access and interpret credible research on the sustainability impacts of supply chain initiatives and tools, including standards and certification.

High quality research must power action on sustainability. Evidensia delivers high quality evidence, information and insights on sustainability impacts. With growing commitment by governments and businesses to tackle sustainability challenges, the need for understanding what works where, why and how is growing. Evidensia’s goal is to ensure that credible research and evidence positively influences corporate and government decisions regarding sustainable commodity production and sourcing. It does this by providing easy access, sharing credible content and supporting learning and interpretation through interactive tools and specific analysis.

  • For businesses, small and big, Evidensia helps you build a sustainable supply chain based on a clear understanding of what works best, where, and why.
  • For governments and policy-makers, Evidensia helps inform your policy action with the latest evidence.
  • For sustainability practitioners and implementers, Evidensia is a trusted source for evidence that can be used to help design and continuously improve sustainability tools and initiatives.
  • For researchers and academics, Evidensia gets your impact studies and reports in front of decision makers and shows where you can fill or fund crucial research gaps.

On Evidensia you can search in our online library for studies by country or region, by sector or product, by sustainability issue, by organisation or tool.  You can see transparent information about how a study was designed.  You can also see results across an entire sustainability topic in our visual summaries.  Experts provide their insights on the latest research to help you understand results.

Evidensia complements other sustainability platforms including those that compare tools and approaches, share studies in progress or planned, provide maps or datasets across a sustainability issue, or show the level of adoption of specific approaches.

The Evidensia team takes great care in selecting credible evidence and categorising it properly so as a user you can find what you need and value different types of studies. Read more about our approach and methodology . It also shares information about how specific approaches and tools work and the contexts in which they operate so users can interpret the evidence correctly.

Discover our interactive tools

Evidensia’s interactive tools help you find, understand and interpret evidence and evidence gaps.

Visual Summaries

See what the evidence says on specific topics of interest.

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View what the site offers from a geographic lens.

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Knowledge Matrix

Find evidence on issues, sectors, products and tools and spot the gaps.

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