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Evidensia's mission is to put evidence at the heart of sustainability actions and decisions.

Informing action for a sustainable future

With growing commitment by governments and businesses to tackle sustainability challenges, there is a need for understanding what approaches work where, why and how. Evidensia helps you access and interpret credible research on the sustainability impacts and effectiveness of supply chain initiatives and tools. It provides a portal to information and evidence and supports shared learning through its insights and analysis.

Governance and Partners

Evidensia was founded in 2019 by ISEAL Alliance, Rainforest Alliance and WWF with the support of the Global Environment Facility. Its approach and activities are overseen by a governance structure that works to ensure credibility, transparency and high value from all of Evidensia’s work. This includes an independent Evidensia Research Council that oversees and approves Evidensia’s research approach and methodology.

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In addition to the founding partners, our other partners work to strengthen Evidensia by contributing and sharing content, identifying and filling knowledge gaps, providing strategic advice, helping connect Evidensia to other technology tools and raising awareness of the site.

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Approach and Methodology

Evidensia follows an open source principle to sourcing content that is relevant and meets basic research quality norms. All credible content selected or submitted to the site is then organised based on our evidence typology so you can find what you need. In our online library  you will see transparent information about what category of evidence a specific resource belongs to that is determined by what type of research it is based on and how the study was designed. Where available, you will also find additional contextual and operational information about how specific tools and approaches work and the contexts in which they operate. This information is to ensure users appreciate the differences among various types of evidence and interpret evidence correctly.

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Copyright permissions

Copyright permissions

  • Where the copyright for any resources on Evidensia does not rest with ISEAL, we have obtained the necessary permissions from the relevant copyright owners to host and redistribute such resources via Evidensia. ISEAL has appropriate agreements in place with these copyright owners.
  • Where any resources are hosted by, and redistributed via, Evidensia under a Creative Commons licences, we comply with the terms of the underlying Creative Commons licences. We also notify our users about the restrictions and obligations that are placed on them as a result of any Creative Commons licence.
  • Occasionally, we may reference a particular resource, but not provide direct access to it. We do this because we do not currently have the rights to host and redistribute such content via Evidensia. Please contact the relevant copyright owner for further information about such resources.
  • If you are the owner of any resources on Evidensia, and have questions about the licensing/permission mechanism on which ISEAL relies to publish your resources or any other queries regarding your content, please write to us using the Contact form or email [email protected].
  • Please note that our Terms of Use policy govern our users’ access to resources hosted by, and redistributed via, Evidensia. Under the Terms of Use, our users agree to abide by any third party obligations that are placed on them as a result of them accessing third party resources. The Terms of Use can be accessed in the footer section of all pages of the site.

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