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Sustainability is complex and requires learning from past actions. Empower your solutions with insights and evidence.

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Evidensia offers credible insights from sustainability research that can improve your decisions. Find the latest evidence and chart a course using reliable information.

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Evidensia’s careful screening and categorising of research lets you search easily for evidence on specific issues and topics. Select from the options below to see the resources available.

Outcome of interest by Issue
Outcome of interest
= Number of research reports about this outcome

By type of evidence and information

Briefing or opinion

Opinion pieces, briefing papers, blogs and other resources

Descriptive information

Documents or other resources explaining concepts, approaches, programs and the operation of tools

Empirical study

Data-driven research at the field level

Modeling study

Research that uses modelling techniques to assess patterns or make broader inferences

Monitoring report

Trends over time, drawn primarily from internal monitoring activities

Synthesis paper

Research that synthesises results from multiple individual studies

Understanding evidence types

Confused about how Evidensia codes research? Learn about our evidence typology.