Strengthening land and seascape partnerships: what role for public policy? (webinar)

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Published 29th June 2022.


A promising strategy which has emerged recently to address the multiple land and resource challenges facing countries at present is to work through multi-stakeholder Landscape and Seascape Partnerships. These long-term, voluntary collaboratives of local stakeholders from different sectors are emerging worldwide to align policies and actions to better manage natural resources and their ecosystems. But few of these collaborative networks have developed structured policies and programs for long-term continuous support. What type of policy support is needed to allow these partnerships to flourish? How do we strengthen public policy and program support? How do we move away from large public or private investment programs and champion locally organised and thoughtfully developed LPs? This Evidensia webinar explored these questions and also launched the upcoming report by EcoAgriculture Partners, GALLOP, Cornell University, Columbia University and with inputs from partners of the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative on strengthening Landscape and Seascape Partnerships. Speakers and discussants: Sara Scherr, President and CEO, EcoAgriculture Partners | Bhushan H. Sethi, Gallop Initiative, Good Will Ambassador – Project Tiger & Founder, MAI Consulting Services | Mohamed Bakarr, Lead Environment Specialist, Global Environment Facility | Jeff Herrick, Research Soil Scientist, Range Management Research Unit, Jornada Experimental Range, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture | David D’Hollander, Manager, Innovations, ISEAL

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Public policy to support landscape and seascape partnerships: Meeting Sustainable Development Goals through collaborative territorial action

Briefing or opinion
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Published 29th June 2022.

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