Integrated landscape approaches in the tropics (Webinar)

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Published 28th July 2020 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia


'Integrated landscape approaches’ are governance strategies that attempt to reconcile multiple and conflicting land-use claims to harmonize the needs of people and the environment and establish more sustainable and equitable multi-functional landscapes. In this webinar, Terry Sunderland and James Reed discuss a paper that provides an update on developments in the science and practice of landscape approaches, primarily in the tropics. It shows that despite considerable enthusiasm for landscape approaches, the evidence base within the scientific literature remains poorly developed. The webinar is an opportunity to reflect on this new paradigm - landscape approaches - and what we are learning about their effectiveness. It also opens up a conversation about innovative monitoring and evaluation tools to learn more about the impacts and effectiveness of these new approaches.

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Integrated landscape approaches in the tropics: A brief stock-take

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Published 28th July 2020 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia

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