Responding to crisis: can certification foster resilience? (webinar)


Published November 2022.


The world is facing three concurrent crises: COVID-19, climate change and rising inflation. Each has caused spikes in production and living costs for producer organisations, whilst pressures driving low product prices remain. Smallholder farmers are already facing a multitude of challenges; ageing labour; little to no social protection and low access to adaptive technologies. In times of crisis, the concept of resilience becomes increasingly vital to achieve sustainable livelihoods. The COVID-19 pandemic offers a lens to explore how vulnerable livelihoods can be impacted by volatile markets swings. What defines resilience and how do you measure it? Does being certified lead to enhanced resilience? How do differences in sector, location, and gender impact resilience scores? What are some key recommendations for building resilience? This Evidensia learning event, in partnership with Fairtrade International, will explore these questions. We will build on Fairtrade International’s recently published research report, which examines whether being Fairtrade certified contributes to the resilience of Producer Organisations members and workers, before adding diverse perspectives from practice. Our speakers: Manuela Gunther | Chief Analytics Officer | Scio Athena Willy Paredes | Commercial Manager for bananas | The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fairtrade Small Producers and Workers Hernan Manson | Head, Inclusive Agribusiness Systems | International Trade Centre Additional panellists: Margret Loeffen | Manager, Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation | Fairtrade International Kelly Hawrylyshyn | Senior Advisor, Global Resource Mobilization | Fairtrade International
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Fairtrade and producer resilience in times of crises

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Published November 2022.

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