Forest positive approaches in commodity production (podcast)

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Published November 2023 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia


In this podcast, Andrew Bovarnick, Global Head of Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems, UNDP, and Iwan Kurniawan, Programme Manager for UNDP Indonesia, share insights from their forest-positive work with host Matthew Stancliffe Bird. They discuss lessons learned from the UNDP-led Good Growth Partnership (GGP), deep-dive into the GGP’s work in Indonesia and reflect on the general progress being made towards deforestation goals.
Timestamps: Introduction, 0:00 – 2:40, Matthew Stancliffe Bird | Introducing the GGP and explaining their forest positive work, 2:41 – 12:57, Andrew Bovarnick | Sector case study - palm oil in Indonesia, 12:58 – 21:19, Iwan Kurniawan | Key lessons from delivering multi-stakeholder initiatives and the future of our forests, 21:20 – 31:03, Andrew Bovarnick.
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Adopting forest positive approaches in commodity production: what’s working?

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Published November 2023 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia

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