Advancing gender equality in agrifood systems

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Published June 2024 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia


In this podcast, ISEAL’s Matthew Stancliffe Bird is joined by Patricia Kristjanson, senior gender specialist at the World Bank and Wiene Andriyana, Technical Analyst for the Environment Unit at UNDP. The podcast disseminates findings from a recent research briefing on FOLUR’s gender equality work, dives into a case study in Indonesia and reflects on overall progress toward gender equality in global food systems.


Patricia Kristjanson | FOLUR and gender responsive interventions: 01.35 – 11.27

Wiene Andriyana | Gender integration in a FOLUR country project – Indonesia: 11.27 – 23.17

Patricia Kristjanson and Wiene Andriyana | Key lessons: 23.17 – 27.51

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Advancing gender equality an agrifood systems: what's working?

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Published June 2024 by Evidensia. Authored by Evidensia

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