Investing in sustainable agriculture: how credible voluntary schemes can support (webinar)

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Published 26th May 2022.


The need for transitioning towards a sustainable agricultural sector is now undisputed. The sector is a key source of livelihoods, employment and food security on the one hand, but also a growing contributor to global GHG emissions and deforestation on the other. Addressing both the climate and poverty crises hinges on transitioning to a more sustainable and profitable form of farming. This requires large-scale financial investment to manage risk, incentivise a change in practices and support millions of farming communities to gainfully make the shift. Voluntary sustainability standards are a strong catalyst for embedding good agricultural practices within smallholder communities in many key sectors. To what extent can they also act as a catalyst to ramp up sustainable finance and investment in this sector? This Evidensia webinar explored this question drawing on insights from a recent report by IISD. We heard from the researchers on key findings and were joined by speakers from finance and sustainability schemes to explore what next to support future action in this space. Speakers: Cristina Larrea and Vivek Voora, IISD | Dieter Fischer, Lead for Agribusiness Advisory Services in Latin America and the Carribean, IFC | Edward Millard, Senior Advisor, Rainforest Alliance | Ana Lopez, Investment Officer, Conservation International Ventures

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Standards and investments in sustainable agriculture

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Published 26th May 2022.


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