Building on child labour monitoring: what next for global supply chains?

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Published 25th January 2022 by Evidensia and International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) .


The use of Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems to prevent and address child labour in smallholder agriculture has increased significantly in recent years, thanks to efforts by governments, civil society and businesses. Following more than a decade of implementation in the cocoa sector in West Africa, this Evidensia learning event, in partnership with ICI (International Cocoa Initiative) takes stock of what we’ve learned so far. We reflect on the relevance of such an approach, in light of evolving regulation on Human Rights Due diligence, and drawing on data from twelve different systems, explore the following questions: How effective are these systems at protecting children from child labour? Can they also improve access to other fundamental rights, such as education? What improvements could be made to increase effectiveness and efficiency? Speakers: Megan Passey, Head of Knowledge and Learning, International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) | Lene Wendland, Chief, Business and Human Rights Unit, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR) | Mathilde Sokoty Koua, Project Manager, Human Rights, Nestle Cocoa Plan | Anita Sheth, Senior Advisor, Social Compliance and Development, Fairtrade International | Burcu Kuğu Bolak, Program Director, Supply Chain Innovation and Partnerships, Fair Labor Association (FLA). This recording includes some sections in French.

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