Mainstreaming biodiversity in business decisions: taking stock of tools and gaps

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Published 27th April 2022.


Biodiversity conservation is gaining prominence on the business and sustainability agenda. In recent years, a plethora of tools have emerged to support businesses to assess and track their action on biodiversity and related topics. What do these tools do and how far do they go in supporting effective business decision-making? More importantly, how can these tools be aligned with ongoing efforts to set international targets for biodiversity. This Evidensia learning event, in partnership with the Natural Resources Institute, will explore these questions as part of a global review conducted on this topic. We will learn from NRI’s review how existing tools are constructed and used by business and how they can be improved to achieve international targets for biodiversity. We’ll also be joined by business and tool-owners to talk about how to advance action in this space. Speakers and discussants: Pamela Katic, Natural Resources Institute, Senior Social Scientist | Jeremy Haggar, Natural Resources Institute, Professor of Agroecology | Conor Walsh, Natural Resources Institute, Environmental Scientist | Lara Koritzke, UEBT, Communications and Marketing Director | Regiane Borsato, Instituto LIFE, Executive Director |

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Assessment of tools to mainstream biodiversity for businesses

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Published 27th April 2022.

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