Learning Event

The business case for company action in production landscapes: Charting the path forward

  • Date: 16 April 2024
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00 BST

Learning Event summary

Companies have recognised that individual supply chain action is often not sufficient to tackle large-scale sustainability challenges. Businesses are increasingly interested in engaging outside of their immediate supply chain, collaborating with other stakeholders to help create systematic and sustained change through landscape and jurisdictional initiatives.

To advance understanding of how and why companies are taking landscape-scale action in regions producing palm oil, cocoa, beef, pulp, paper and soy, and how to chart the way forward, the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), along with Proforest and CDP, has conducted a global study on the topic.

What is the business case for companies to take landscape-scale action? What does the path forward to mobilize more action look like? How can companies accelerate progress at landscape and jurisdictional scale?

In this learning event, hosted in partnership with the TFA, we will dive into learnings from TFA’s study and provide answers to these questions from landscape experts.


Leony Aurora | Landscapes and Partnerships Lead | Tropical Forest Alliance

Ana Rovisco | ESG Relations – Environment Director | Jeronimo Martins

Matthew Spencer | Global Director, Landscapes | IDH

Martin Huxtable | Global Sustainable Sourcing Director | Unilever


Please note when you register for this webinar, you will be automatically registered to the JAN, managed by the TFA, comprising 2,200+ representatives of civil society, companies, donors, and development partners advancing the use of landscape and jurisdictional approaches to achieve a forest positive future at scale.

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