Learning Event

Deforestation due diligence regulations: what does effective implementation look like?

  • Date: 14 December 2022
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:30

Learning Event summary

Land conversion for agriculture is the single biggest driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss. The FAO estimates that over the last 20 years, almost 90% of deforestation worldwide was a result of agricultural expansion. To break the link between agricultural supply chains and deforestation, mandatory due diligence regulations have emerged as a new and potentially powerful solution. At the same time the concept of a developing a ‘smart mix’ of policies and private sector actions in both producer and consumer countries has gained traction. In this webinar we will discuss what this might look like in practice, how emerging due diligence regulations in the EU and elsewhere can be most effective, and what the role is for voluntary standards, certification systems and tools in these new regulatory regimes. Here are some key questions that will be discussed:

Are there potential pitfalls of creating mandatory obligations? What does equitable and inclusive implementation of policy look like? How can smallholders and informal producers be involved? How can sustainability standards enable greater systemic change beyond legally defined due diligence processes for deforestation?

This Evidensia learning event, in partnership with ISEAL, will explore these questions. We will build on ISEAL’s recently published research report, which examines sustainability standards’ role within a breadth of policies, before adding diverse perspectives from practice.