Environmental labelling: developments in the sustainability space (webinar)

Briefing or opinion

Published April 2023.


Voluntary sustainability standards and labels are longstanding methods companies have used to demonstrate their environmental, social and ethical commitments. Recently, there has been an emergence of labels communicating actual environmental impact rather than adherence to a standard. The development of new methodologies, such as life-cycle assessment, and the growth of commonly accepted reporting standards (such as the Greenhouse gas protocol) have enabled accurate communication of complex issues, such as global warming potential and water use. What does this shift mean for sustainability standards and systems? Will environmental impact labelling be the next ‘big thing’ in the sustainability space? Is impact labelling more informative for consumers than just the standard? How has impact labelling impacted consumer behaviour? And how does this work alongside due diligence legislation? This learning event explored these questions by building on findings from the recent OECD report on improving environmental outcomes along food supply chains, going further to incorporate the ongoing research OECD has been doing into environmental labelling and footprint measurement. Speakers and discussants: Koen Deconinck, Economist/Policy Analyst, OECD | Nolan Quiros, Senior Technical Expert, GLOBALG.A.P. | Jonathan Birnie, Scientific Lead, Foundation Earth | Norma Tregurtha, Director of Engagement and Markets, Bonsucro.

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